Different Versions Of Title Deeds

19 May 2022 Legislation

 Title Deed InTurkey

The title deed of the property, or the so-called (Tapu) in Turkey, is the official document that confirms the rights to own property in Turkey.

in which the real estate survey numbers and information about the property are mentioned,and it is signed and stamped by the title deed administration.

where the Title Deed is extracted from The Directorate of Land Registry, which is affiliated.

The title deed of the property (Tapu) is given to the owner of the property only, and not to any person related to the property such as the lessor, mortgagor, or others.

Even if the property's owners are more than one person, only one title deed is provided to the property, and the details of each person's share and percentage of the property are mentioned in the title deed.

Types Title Deed In Turkey

In Turkey,there are different classifications of real estate title deeds(Tapu),which are mentioned below:

1. Turkish Agricultural Title Deed

Types Title Deed In Turkey:Turkish Agricultural Title Deed

Or what is known as the blue Tapu, which is the title deed of farming land and fields,and it grants its owner the right and legitimacy to carry out any farm work or raise poultry,farm animals,or the like within the land he owns,and it funding the land owner the right to farm and benefit from the land's crops and their inheritance after him.

2. blue agricultural and red residential title deed

were categorized by color in reference to the legality of the property, whether it is agricultural land or land suitable for construction,building,and real estate development.

Types Title Deed In Turkey:red residential title deed

3.Construction and buildings Tapu in Turkey

It is a title deed that is frequently used for independent residences, villas, palaces, factories, hospitals, schools, and other real estate projects that are located within a distinct building.

The overall facts and basic features of the building are stated in full as one unit in this paper, without revealing the unique features of the structure's sections or parts.

4.Title deed for real estate easements

It is a title deed obtained to get the full title deed, in which each section of the property is registered separately, such as dividing the project into separate parts where each apartment represents a section,until construction approval is issued.

and where these real estate easement documents prove the title deed holder's ownership in the construction to be constructed but not yet completed.

Following the completion of construction and the issue of housing permission, title deeds are assigned to the property, indicating the location and number of each component of the property as well as who owns it, and the easement deed becomes a full title deed.

5.Tapu Floor Easement in Turkey

This title deed is granted once at least 70% of the property's construction work has been finished, and a floor easement Tapu is important to secure the property owner's rights.

The floor easement Tapu is the document produced to verify that the owner has a right in a certain floor of the building, and it briefly explains that the entire structure was constructed in line with construction rules, according to The Land Registry Office.

When a building is sold to a buyer, the contractor usually displays the characteristics and details of the building through this register,explaining these characteristics and features accurately and carefully,and after construction is completed,the contractor applies for full ownership of each title.

6.Turkey Property Title Deed Ownership

These are documents that record the ownership of real land after it has been entirely built, and in which different parts are allocated to the building, and each section is awarded its own title deed showing the ownership of the title deed's owner.

The type of property, its number, the location of the building, and its part of the building land are all indicated in this title deed.

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