Law Consultancy To Buy Property In Turkey

21 March 2022 Legislation

Financial Choice

Buying a property is the most important financial choice,and it has long been a dream of many foreigners in Turkey.

Any error made throughout the purchase process might lead to long-term regret.

Due to the frequent and recent changes in Turkey's real estate laws, it is important to contact with legal counsel.

 Legal Procedures In Turkey

 Law  Consultancy To Buy Property In Turkey : Legal Procedures In Turkey

Real estate deals have been more complicated than normal as a result of various adjustments.

Because laws might impact the transaction, it is always essential to obtain real estate law advice.

Getting professional legal guidance for your Turkish real estate purchase will make the process easier for you and safeguard your rights.

AKDinvest Your Investment Partner

Law  Consultancy To Buy Property In Turkey:AKDinvest Your Investment Partner

AKDinvest offers legal advice with expert experts from our partner business specializing in real estate law advisory in Turkey to its foreign and local clients for any legal issues that come up during or after the purchase of a property.

We help identify of all legal procedures related to the purchases of local and foreign property purchasers. We make certain that you receive the greatest service and advisory services in line with your lifestyle objectives.

We can help you find the best options by advising you on property preliminary sales contracts and Turkish property rules. Furthermore, we offer high-quality real estate loans and valuation business solutions for immovable investment.

At AKDinvest, we engage with our foreign customers in their local language and assist them with any problems that appear as a result of an issue involving Penal or Turkish private law. We will assist you with the purchase of the property as well as the legal procedure of getting Turkish citizenship via investment.

We complete the residency permit application and the Turkish citizen application form. If the investor is not in Turkey, we may arrange for notarized permission and passport translation for partners and minor children under the age of 18. 

We assist you in finding the ideal house in Turkey, as well as with the citizenship process and real estate legal advice. We are glad to work to assure the success of your investment.

As AKDinvest, we are pleased to inform you that our expert team will assist you in every step of your property purchase in Turkey and the method of getting a Turkish passport through investment.

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