Online Buying A Property In Turkey

02 June 2022 Legislation

Online Buying a Property in Turkey

When people consider purchasing property in Turkey, they generally do so after visiting the property in person.

Communication technology have made real estate purchases more easier in recent years.There is an easy technique to invest in real estate that we may call Online Buying.

You could be wondering how to buy a property in a foreign country over the phone.

Second, can I buy a property entirely online?

At present time, AKDinvest provides its buyers with an online purchasing option that is quick and easy to use.

In our online property purchasing guide, we'll take a deeper look at this topic.

Online property purchases are taking place as a result of online property browsing. You may view the apartment, villa, land, or commercial property in detail utilizing visual communication channels such as Whatsapp Video Call, Facetime, Viber, Skype, Telegram, and so on.

How to Buy A Turkish Property Completely Online?

Online Buying a Property in Turkey:How to Buy A Turkish Property Completely Online?

In this section, we will walk you through the online property purchase process with our step-by-step "Online Property Buying Guide":

1. Prepare your WISH LIST

It is essential to understand what you need and what you are able of. Simply answer a few simple questions;

What are you purchasing for? (just a second house, vacation home, buy-to-let, permanent living, relocation, or investment)

Location? (Where would you like to buy, and why only there?)

What kind of property? (Number and size of rooms, apartment or home, private or shared pool, secured community or private site?)

What features are desired?


2. Property Information

We will send you information about the property in question. Floor plans, pricing and availability, location, legal real estate permissions, and etc.

3. Online Viewing Tour

To see the property life we will make a video chat using Facetime, Whatsapp, Skype, or any other communication program that you are familiar with.

Our office's sales representative visits the property and contacts you at the time agreed upon with you.

During this discussion, you may request that the agent show you all of the property's details as if you were viewing it yourself.You may communicate with the seller and ask questions online. 

4. Make your choice 

we'll give you some time to think about it.

5. Negotiation

Once you have confirmed all of the features and the property itself,we will negotiate the final price and other delivery details on your behalf with the seller.

Some sellers (building firms) provide a discount for cash payments.The payment plan is made clear at this time.

6. Sales Contract

We write a sales contract that clarifies all agreed-upon conditions and payment information.

The contract is signed first by the seller. There are two options;

We scan and transmit the contract to you.We save the originals to deliver to you when you visit us in istanbul.

We deliver both copies to your address through regular mail. You sign both copies and return the original by mail.

7. Payment

Once both sides have signed the sales contract, you may proceed with the payment and have the money sent to the Seller's bank account (according to the contract).

In most cases, the seller receives the booking fee first, followed by the remainder of the cash.

8. Title Deed Procedure

At this point, you can either come to us in person or email us a legal documents. We may get the title deed on your behalf in this way.

AKDinvest For Purchase Turkish Houses Online

What are the greatest Turkish houses available for purchase entirely online?

At AKDinvest,we offer customer-oriented, transparent, and honest services, as well as the most detailed and up-to-date real estate listings.

Our real estate sales specialists are well-versed in the Turkish real estate industry.

AKDinvest has a broad and up-to-date portfolio of properties throughout Turkey, encompassing the most populous cities.

Did you find our online real estate purchasing guide helpful? Do you wish to purchase your ideal home in Turkey?

Contact us right now to schedule your online viewing and purchase a property totally online, safely and easily with AKDinvest.

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