What Is Web Tapu?

14 March 2022 Legislation

Title Deed (Tapu) Rule

The Land Registry and Cadastre office issued a new rule, back in 2020, regarding the way of application to transferring ownership of every property in Turkey.

Web Tapu (title deed),simply,facilitates the application, which is undertaken by each side,a buyer and a seller,of changing the status of a title deed through the governmental office of properties.

Web Tapu (title deed)

How To Apply For WebTapu:

Unlike before March of 2020, and applicants, easily, by using ‘WebTapu’ website or its application they would be able to upload all the relevant documents to proceed to a point where they can only sign the official documents, and right after to obtain a title deed.

There are several conveniences brought about by making an application online. For instance, a buyer would be able to view all of the details of a property that is wished to be purchased without leaving a home. In addition to that, being able to allow other people to check things on behalf of you is a very useful feature.

Moreover, expenses of a property can be paid off using the website&application and, after transferring the ownership of a property, all the relevant details of a property, such as location, property status, tax status, etc., could be seen.

Last but not least, providing this kind of method for an application of a title deed is the most secure, safe, and user-friendly way compared to the previous period of the suspicious papers' era.

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