Why Should You Invest In Turkey?

08 March 2022 Real Estate News

 Invest In Turkey

Turkey is recognized for its hospitality and geopolitical location, which has made it an important hub for drawing local and foreign investors in different industries, particularly the tourism and real estate sectors, which have piqued investors' attention.

One of the main reasons that investors preferred Turkey to invest was the beauty of its nature, Asia and Europe, with a high percentage of the youth population, especially the values that characterize Turkey, which made it the focus of interest of foreign investors in general, and turned it into a country open to investors and foreign capital.

Before investing in a country, every investor asks himself why he has invested there, so we have highlighted important reasons that might serve as an explanation to investors wanting to invest in Turkey, whether they are local or international investors.


Reasons To Invest In Turkey

 A Thriving And Improved Economy

Reasons To Invest In Turkey:A Thriving And Improved Economy

Turkey started the new millennium with a nearly bankrupt economy,but since 2002,the country's economy has begun to swiftly develop.GDP, the country's most significant statistic,increased from 231 billion dollars to 820 billion dollars over this time span.Between 2002 and 2015,the country's GDP increased by 5.1 percent on an annualized basis. 

According to IMF dataTurkey is expected to be among the fastest growing economies in 2012-2017, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). Turkey's economy grew to the sixth biggest in Europe and the sixteenth largest in the world in 2013, drawing more than $ 135 billion in international capital (foreign investment) during the previous ten years. Exports surged by more than 245 percent throughout this time period.

 Skilled&Competitive Labor Force

Reasons To Invest In Turkey: Skilled & Competitive Labor Force

Turkey has 29 million young people, including skilled and qualified professionals, according to Turkish Statistical Institute data. Every year, over 600,000 young people graduate from 200 universities, and approximately 700,000 graduates from secondary schools, institutes, and vocational institutions. Those qualified for employment, fostering a competitive environment that encourages employees' innovation and mastery of their craft.

Strategic Location

Reasons To Invest In Turkey:Strategic Location

Turkey's strategic location between Asia and Europe has traditionally made it a natural connection between the two continents.Turkey has welcomed various trade lines that connect the East and the West due to its geographical location.Today,Turkey has a strategic location that allows it to contact more than 1.5 billion people in Asia, Europe, and Africa, and it is the most dependable transit point in economic connections.

Large Domestic & Regional Markets

Reasons To Invest In Turkey:Large Domestic & Regional Markets

According to Turkish Statistical Institute data, from 2002 to the present, the number of Internet users has gone from 100,000 to 33 million, the number of mobile users has increased from 23 million to 70 million, and the number of borrowers has climbed from 16 million to 58 million.

Furthermore, the number of mobile phone users has risen from 33 million to 131 million. The increase in the number of international visitors visiting Turkey from 13 million to 40 million each year demonstrates that Turkey has a sizable domestic market.

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