Istanbul Is One Of Europe's Top 10 Destinations

27 April 2022 Travel

Istanbul Win As Best Destination 

In a contest organized on the European Best Destinations website,Istanbul was voted the 10th best destination to visit in Europe in 2022.

At the competition, 400 cities were nominated, and the top 20 locations to visit in Europe were announced

European Best Destinations is a tourism website that was founded in 2009.The European Commission supports the group, which aims to promote tourist relationships.

EBD engages with a number of tourist organizations to promote tourism and travel to Europe through various media outlets. Every year, EBD holds a competition to choose the finest locations to visit in Europe for that year.

The competition received about 50.000 votes.The best European cities to visit in 2022 were picked by participants from 77 nations. Ljubljana, Slovenia's capital, took first position, while Marbella, Spain's beautiful Andalusian city, came in second.

and the Lathi Region in Finland are also the top three places to visit in Europe right now.followed by Plovdiv in Bulgaria, Leuven in Belgium, Oradea in Romania, London in the United Kingdom, Nijmegen in the Netherlands, 

At last year's competition, the authentic town of Cappadoccia was picked as the 16th city to visit. Istanbul was the lone Turkish competitor in 2022, and the megacity ranked as the tenth best location to visit in Europe. The deep-rooted historical foundation, well-preserved cultural legacy, tasty and traditional food, and diversified cultural texture were identified as the city's primary attractions.

What is the location of Istanbul ?

What is the location of Istanbul ?

Istanbul lies in the Marmara region of Turkey, in the northwestern section of the country. With a population of about 15 million people,it is Turkey's largest metropolis. Istanbul is Turkey's most important business and manufacturing center.

The city is most renowned for its rich historical heritage as a former Byzantine and Ottoman capital, which has been preserved in its original form.

Istanbul is known for its profuse cultural history, which includes everything from 700-year-old mosques to magnificent Byzantine cathedrals and cisterns. The city mixes the diversity of several civilizations in a harmonious manner.

Constantine the Great, the city's founder, envisioned it as a megapolis.

Even now, Istanbul is considered as Turkey's megacity, suggesting that the legendary emperor achieved his objectives.

Istanbul's daily life is full of surprises, and the nightlife is exciting and colorful. Istanbul is known as the "city that never sleeps" in Turkey.

In April, the city is one of the best destinations in Europe to visit. The beautiful Bosphorus views and unique atmosphere are best enjoyed in the spring.

In Istanbul, you may eat traditional local food and wander through local Ottoman bazaars, both of which are unique experiences.

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