Princess’ Islands of Istanbul

21 May 2021 Travel

Actually, The Prince Islands are a group of 9 islands located on the Asian coast of Istanbul. The names of the islands are Büyükada, Heybeliada, Burgazada, Kınalıada, Sedefadası, Silivriada, Yassıada, Kaşık Island and Rabbit Island. Each island has its own unique charm, and their popularity is directly related to their size and environment.

Their silhouettes can be easily seen from many parts of Istanbul mainly from Anatolian side of the city. Islands are the best choice for people to escape from the crowds of the city, you just need to choose an island and take a ferry. It is possible to travel quickly from one island to another and visit several islands in a single day.

Besides you can see quite many buildings which are used as exile spots in the age of Byzantine and Ottoman periods. On all four of the islands where cars are not allowed, only bicycles and electric vehicles are used for transportation. Thanks to the magnificent Prince Islands, whenever you want to take a break from the crowds of the city, you will enjoy visiting these awesome spots.

Especially in the summer, the Islands are popular destinations for day trips from every locations of Istanbul. Since there is no traffic on the islands, it is really very peaceful.

When you arrive at the islands, you can walk or cycle through the streets lined with beautiful wooden houses and splendid gardens, while the sights of the distant city spread in front of you. You can sip your beverages beside the sea or watch the waves falling from the windy hilltops to the rocky shores.

It would be an unbelievable experience to sniff the salty air and watch seabirds fly. There are also many beaches to swim in the heart of nature. You will probably think that it is very difficult to return to the city when you enjoy the peaceful lifestyle, the quietness of the islands, the clean streets and wild nature there.

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