Residence Permit

The residence permit almost in each country is one of the documents that foreigners have to take who decided to decide to settle in Turkey for various reasons. The residence permit application may be made online according to the type of residence permit you wish to have. There are different types of permits including short-term, student, family, long-term and human residence permits. If you intend to stay longer than for the time allowed for a visa or visa exemption or 90 days in Turkey, it is required to obtain a residence permit. It is important to make this application before the expiry date of the visa or residence permit.


Types of Residence Permits

As in many countries, there are naturally many different types of residence permit options in Turkey as well such as Short-Term or Long-Term Residence Permits, Business Residence Permits, Residence Permits by buying a Property, Student Residence Permits, Accompany Family Residence Permit, Humanitarian Residence Permit and etc. Here you will find information about the most common and main residence permits in Turkey.


Residence Permit by Real Estate and Property Purchasing

Property buyers will be granted automatic year-long residency permits instead of 3 months. The prices of residency permit vary depending on the long duration. You can visit the Directorate General of Migration Management (DGMM) web page at After you give your information on this official website, so as to get an appointment at the nearest DGMM office, the system will tell you the nearest office as well as the available date and times for an appointment. After you make an online application, the system automatically calculates the cost of your permit fee which depends on the type of permit and can be paid by credit card or a tax office in Turkey. AKD Invest supports families who have long-term plans and consider buying a property for a long-term residence permit in Turkey. We will absolutely help you to get residence permits.


Touristic Purposes

If you are coming to Turkey for tourist purposes, then you need to get this type of permit. Usually, only one permit is issued per applicant for one calendar year and it may be granted for one year. For this type of permit, you need 4 passport-sized personal photographs, a bank statement showing a minimum monthly asset value for the period of the permit, translation of the passport into Turkish which is certified by a notary public. A tax number is provided by the Tax Department and health insurance.


Permit for Work Purposes

A work permit is issued with the permission of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. You can apply to obtain a work permit whether you are located in the country or abroad. A work permit provides you the establishment of work and/or a license to practice as a profession in Turkey. If you are making your application abroad then you have to file the application at a consulate of the Republic of Turkey in your home country. The application should be done along with a labor contract or a document stating the company partnership. If a company is looking for a work permit on behalf of you, they should first get a permit from the Ministry of Labor to be employed and then the application process for residency. Generally, it takes about 30-60 days to obtain work permits. If you are a family and the father of the family gets a working permit, then all family members including the wife and children can also get a residence permit during the period of the permit.


Student Permit in Turkey 

International students planning to study in Turkey have to obtain a student visa before coming to the country. After you get your visa and arrived in Turkey, you have to apply for a residence permit which provides you staying in Turkey beyond 90 daysIn application for a student visa, you need a student acceptance letter issued by the university you are registered for. You will also need a bank statement proving the minimum monthly asset value for the period of the study permit or proof of a scholarship providing funds. If you are from the Northern Republic of Cyprus or your parents live in Turkey with a residence permit or Blue Card holders then you are exempt from needing a student visa.  

Long-Term Residence Permit

If you have lived in Turkey for 8 years legally and consecutively you may apply for this type of permit. But you also need to prove you are financially self-sufficient and in the last three years, you didn’t get any financial support from the Turkish Government. You should have valid private health insurance and also have no criminal record.

Accompany Family Residence Permit

The category of Accompany Family Residence Permit is for foreign national spouses and children of Turkish citizens who would like to bring their family to Turkey. First of all, you need a resident application form completed and signed by the applicant. Your signature will be needed and for that reason applicant must be physically present at the notary office to arrange power of attorney.

You need to present a valid passport translated into Turkish so that power of attorney can be issued in the fastest way. Aside from a residency permit valid for up to 3 years you need a police clearance certificate as well. Four biometric passport photos with a white background are needed for each applicant. If you are applying for your spouse or dependent child (under eighteen years) Turkish translations of the child’s birth certificate and spouse's marriage certificate would be presented.


Why Should I Purchase a Real Estate for Residence Permit? 

First of all, buying property is the key to renewing your residence permit and obtaining Turkish citizenship. If one of the spouses in the family owns a property, their children under 18 automatically get the same rights.

It is good to know that possessing only the rental agreement residence permit provides just a Tourist Residence Permit. Your residence permit renewal application might be rejected without a reason in the future.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do I need a residence permit to buy a property in Turkey?
A: In fact, no you don’t need it. NO! However, having a residence permit has some advantages and our advisers may help you get your residence permit if you demand it.


Q: What are the advantages of having a residence permit in Turkey?
A: Formal transactions are carried out more easily when a foreigner has a residence permit in Turkey. Although foreigners can benefit from most of the services without a residence permit, for some important services such as internet connection for houses, a residency is compulsory. Besides, having a residence permit prevents the workload and cost of a visa.


Q: Can I get a residence permit in Turkey if I buy a property?
A: If a foreigner owns property in Turkey, as far as he keeps the ownership, he will get a residence permit which is renewed every two years. But as you will read in our Turkish citizenship section, you and your family can be Turkish citizens if you buy a property above 400.000 USD.


Q: Is it difficult to get a residence permit in Turkey?
A: Obtaining a residence permit is a very easy process for property owners in Turkey. However, the process requires experience and may seem complicated if you prefer to do it by yourself. Getting service from professionals is recommended. AKD Invest will stand with you during the whole process.


Q: How many types of residence permits are there in Turkey?
A: There are different types of residence permits such as Short-Term or Long-Term Residence Permits, Business Residence Permits, Residence Permits by buying a Property, Student Residence Permits, Accompany Family Residence Permits, Humanitarian Residence Permits and etc.

Q: Will I benefit from my residency before receiving my residency card?
A: You will be given a temporary residency certificate at the end of your appointment at the immigration office. You can use this document until you get the original residency card.


Q: Can I get a residence permit for the property that I bought with a mortgage?
A: Shortly yes you can.


Q: What is a tourist residence permit?
A: It is a short-term residence permit for tourism purposes but actually does not give the right to work in Turkey.


Q: What are the necessary documents to apply for a residence permit?
A: Necessary documents for residence permit application are; the residence permit application form, the title deed of your property in Turkey, location information of the property from the local municipality, health insurance policy, four portrait photos, passport, and police clearance certificate.


Q: Who can get a residence permit with one title deed?
A: Only families can get a residence permit with one title deed. This includes you, your spouse, and your children under the age of eighteen. If you want to get a residence permit for your children, you need to provide the apostilled birth certificates of the children in addition to the other required documents.


Q: How much does it cost to get a residence permit in Turkey?
A: The cost of a residence permit depends on the applicant. Because the most important factor is the age of the applicant age which changes the health insurance price. Besides, the number of documents to be translated and the applicant’s nationality are the other factors which change the cost.


Q: Is it possible to buy a property and get a residence permit remotely?
A: Yes. Thanks to AKD Invest online service, you can buy a property remotely and we can get a residence permit on your behalf if you send us a power of attorney. 

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