Steps in Buying Property

You'll need a full valuation - since March 2019, that's required for all properties being sold to foreigners. It's for preventing vendors, agents or developers taking advantage of buyers who do not know the local market in depth; it also stops vendors recording a lower price than is actually being paid. Legal procedures for buying a property in Turkey are not too complex in Turkey when you compare to most of the countries in the world. After you transfer your money to Turkey, you can get the title deed within 3-5 working days.



Steps in buying property


1. Choosing The Proper Real Estate Due To Your Needs And Wishes

AKD Invest knows that everybody’s needs are different when the topic is to buy a property. Because of this, it is important to determine your wishes from a property. There may be several subjects while choosing the suitable property for you such as your family size, your primary wishes about location and region, main features of the property etc. Surely, our educated and experienced experts will guide you in this process. You can feel comfortable as we will provide you the best investment options to meet your expectations. If your wish list is done, it is time to take a viewing tour. Our representative will continue to send you some offers until your arrival in order to finalize your wish list.


2. Picking Up The Alternatives You Like From Our Portfolio And Make A Shortlist

AKD Invest has gathered the most valuable and best properties in Turkey. For this reason, the list should be prepared as thoroughly as possible in order to make the matching that most suits you. Our investment consultants will absolutely provide you the suitable projects that responds to your needs and expectations. We have a wide range property portfolio which you can pick up the suitable alternatives.


3. Viewing Tour

After you pick up your alternatives now it is time to plan your trip to Turkey to see what is like to live in Turkey. Our professional team will organize a schedule for personally or virtual visiting all the projects that you have already chosen.

Our Sales Agent who speaks your language will pick you up from your airport, make a short presentation in our office and then your viewing tour will begin. We will listen carefully to all your questions and requests so that we can show you 3 or 4 properties that best suit your wishes and desires. Besides, no need to wait for this process to come to Turkey! Thanks to the AKD Online Property service, you can even arrange a virtual viewing tour. Thus, with AKD Online Property, you will have the chance to visit the property and ask questions directly to the owner without leaving your home.


 4. Paying a Deposit and Signing the Sales Agreement

When you choose the property, you want to have and after the final price is clearly on the table, we will set up a payment plan including the deposit under mutually agreed about conditions. An average deposit %1.5 of property price USD/EUR must be paid to commit your purchase of the property and to reserve it. Working directly with the buyer and the seller, we do not include any intermediaries. And then the next step would be signing the sales agreement.

The official sales contract will be prepared in your preferred language including all the details clearly. We make sure you to get your property; the exact one is shown to you from the actual seller, and it is debt-free. The down payment should be made within 1 to 4 weeks after signing the agreement. The amount is on average between 30% and 50% of the sales price. The remaining amount is paid at the title deed conveyance stage.


5. Legal Procedures

So as to finalize the purchase there will be some legal and formal procedure. You'll need to get a tax number from the local tax office. Your passport will be enough for getting a tax number. We will surely support throughout of all the process just as opening a bank account which you can make all the payments and also do service subscriptions later. The copy of your passport and an invoice showing your address in your country is enough for opening a bank account to your name.



 6. Signing The Title Deed

After completing these steps, you are ready to get your title deed. You may get your title deed in person or you may send us a power of attorney and we can make this step for you without coming here. And then congratulations, you have a new property and a life in Turkey as you wish.




Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is a proper and trustful real estate agent like?
A: First of all, real estate agent should be professional and experienced. Besides, your agent should be caring and understanding your needs. So, you should have mutual and clear communication and understanding. AKD Invest is supposed to assist and guide you both during the purchasing process and afterwards. AKD Invest is not interested only  to make a sale but instead we care about you, your expectations, and your savings. The professionals of this industry know very well that know sales success comes automatically when the business is appropriately done.


Q: Are the legal procedures complicated in Turkey?
A: They are not actually. Legal procedures for buying a property in Turkey are not complicated in Turkey when compared to most of the countries. You can get the title deed within four working days after choosing the property.


Q: Is property ownership in Turkey freehold or leasehold?
A: All properties in Turkey are freehold.


Q: Do banks charge any fee when I open a bank account in Turkey?
A: No, there is no cost of opening a bank account in Turkey.


Q: Can I get a tax number online in Turkey?
A: Yes, you can get a tax number online or get it from tax offices located in every city and its districts in Turkey. By the way tax numbers do not have a validation period in Turkey. You can use your tax ID number throughout your life


Q: How can I find the suitable property for myself and my family?
A: We have a very wide range of real estate property which would fit all of the needs you have. Even you are single or have a family.


Q: Who will handle and guide to me in buying a property process?
A: Our experienced, educated experts will ease all the steps standing beside you in all terms.


Q: Can everybody purchase a property in Turkey?
A: Yes, everyone from any country, except for politically unrecognized countries, can buy properties in Turkey.


Q: How many properties should I see during a viewing tour?
A: Three or four properties are good for a viewing day. Fewer options might not help you find the one you wish, while more options may confuse you at the time of examining your options.


Q: Is it possible to purchase a property in Turkey remotely?
A: Yes. Thanks to our AKD Online Property service, you can buy properties in Turkey remotely. You can contact us directly to book your online viewing trip.


Q: Is it really a must to hire a lawyer for buying a property in Turkey?
A: Actually, it is not in all cases. If you are dealing with a professional agent like AKD invest, your agent will help you protect your rights and close the deals successfully.


Q: Why should I work with AKD Invest while purchasing a property?
A:  AKD Invest guarantees 100% customer happiness and since now Zero Failure. We have the best price guarantee for a suitable property fits to your needs, which means you will not find a cheaper price anywhere else than ours for the same type of property.

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