Why to Invest in Property in Turkey?

Turkey has a transcontinental location between Asia and Europe which encircled by seas on three sides. In fact, Turkey's land area is larger than any European state and almost most of the country on the Asian continent. In Turkey, you can easily experience fours season at the same time thanks to its geographical climate. The country also has a rich history, vibrant social life, and cultural heritage which is very interesting for many people from all over the world. Besides all, Turkey is truly a unique country which has one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Istanbul!

Turkey’s economy is rapidly growing in the last 20 years significantly in line of the construction industry. According to experts, the Republic of Turkey will soon enter the top ten emerging markets index by 1 trillion dollars. This projection indicates a stable economic situation that is subject to reliable control even in times of crisis. A stable economy and government policy in this area are the main pillars of successful real estate investment. That is why especially foreign investors increasingly continue to invest in real estate in Turkey. The Turkish government is also interested in developing this sector at real estate or investment levels. Over the past decade, the Turkish real estate market has provided about 10% of GDP. Besides, almost half of the total investment is made by foreign nationals. One of the many examples for facilitator regulations is, people residing abroad are free to transfer the immovable property sales or revenues derived from sales relating to real estate acquired in Turkey via banks. Moreover, as figures show Turkey has affordable real estate prices in comparison with other European and Asian countries with reduced taxes.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is Turkish economy promising? 
A: Yes, it is really promising. Last 20 years Turkey’s economy is continuously and dramatically growing. Very soon enough Turkey’s total market index will reach 1 trillion 
USD which would make Turkey one of the top ten emerging markets.


Q: What is the share of foreign investment in real estate sector in Turkey?
A: Turkish real estate market provides almost 10% of whole GDP. And approximately half of the total investment is made by foreign nationals. 


Q: Does Turkey have a young or old population?
A: Turkish has a very young population comparing to whole western countries that makes the country’s economy and cultural life very dynamic.


Q: Why is Turkey’s economy growing?
A: Turkey's economy is expected to emerge this year from a prolonged slump and grow as much as 4% annually, propelled by resurgent consumer demand as the coronavirus pandemic ebbs, according to government officials, top businesses and analysts.


Q: Does Turkey have affordable real estate prices?
A: Yes indeed. Turkey has really very reasonable real estate prices in comparison with other European and Asian countries with reduced taxes.

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