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Actually, Turkey has a transcontinental location between Asia and Europe which encircled by seas on three sides which makes the country unique in the world. Turkey is a country of diverse cultures, beliefs, nature and history which provides the life support and habitat for more than 83 million people living here.

The regulations for getting a Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property in Turkey has been quite simplified since 2018. Thus, obtaining a residence permit is a very easy process for property owners in Turkey. You and your family can be Turkish citizen if you buy a property just above 250.000 USD. With the Turkish passport you will be visa-free almost for 100 countries and easier entrance rights to all Schengen Zone Countries.


While the world has been increasingly globalized and travel has become such a popular desire for all the people, having visa-free access is a very important asset.

Moreover, the property’s value you purchase will be increased almost 20% each year. You can live yourself or rent your property whenever you want with a profitable rental income. The process requires experience and may seem complicated if you prefer to do it by yourself. Getting a service from professionals is recommended. AKD Invest will stand with you during the whole process

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Welcome to A New Life In A Beautiful Country!

Turkish citizenship by purchasing property offers a great opportunity for those willing to start a new life in a new country.

If you have a dream of living a life in Turkey, we want to hear from you so as to make your wishes come true. Our consultants are waiting to serve you!

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Property Turkey


Sea Yali

Sea Yali is situated in Zeytinburnu. The project has easy access to the sea, land, and rail systems. This project is also close to a variety of social and...

54 - 333m2
1+1 - 4+1 plus
For Sale
398,125 - 4,102,875

Blue Mari

Blue Mari is a family concept project in Istanbul's most beautiful neighborhood, Beylikdüzü.

75 %
75 - 186m2
1+1 - 3+1
For Sale
113,750 - 367,500

Center Taksim

Center Taksim is not only a mere place in Istanbul, it is a window opening to the future in Istanbul and the heart of a city with enormous change and growth.

0 %
81 - 245m2
1+1 - 3+1
For Sale
328,125 - 644,875

Net Istanbul

Net Istanbul was designed with an extraordinary approach and several unit types, and also built with an original perspective to add value to your living...

90 %
128 - 220m2
For Sale
151,356 - 239,254

Onay Life

Onay Life is a brand new life project that adheres to the motto "Better Life". The project is nature-friendly, safe, designed with modern architecture, and...

63 - 145m2
1+1 - 2+1
For Sale
70,875 - 153,125

Sea City

When you first come to Sea City, the smell of the sea welcomes you. With the wind passing through your hair, the chirping of the birds, and nature, it gives...

71 - 620m2
1+1 - Villa
For Sale
213,500 - 2,032,625

Natural Villas

In Natural Villas, you can live every moment as if on holiday in villas surrounded by forest, away from the noise of Istanbul.

226 - 463m2
Sea Villa - High Seas Villa
For Sale
1,109,154 - 2,156,690

Sky Blue

The beauty of life is to have a comfy place where to live with your loved ones and have looks of clouds, waves, ships, and islands right from your window.

125 - 346m2
2+1 - 1+1
For Sale
253,320 - 1,604,383


Once you purpose property with a minimum $250.000 value, We can start your Turkish citizenship application process. We will file all the necessary documents for yo application. You don’t evet need to be there.

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Great Hospitality And Largest Portfolio

AKD Invest welcome you to take advantage of famous and traditional Turkish hospitality. Our professional team will organize a schedule for visiting all the projects that you want to see. We can provide transportation options for your convenience, including daily tours of our construction projects and transportation to your preferred hotel or airport.

We Work For You And You Get Your Citizenship!

We will arrange every step for you, in buying property. After the needed steps you will be ready eady to get your title deed. You may get your title deed in person or you may send us a power of attorney and we can make this step for you without coming here. After that we will serve you in other legal procedures to get your Turkish citizenship. And then congratulations, you have a new property and a life in Turkey as you wish.

Our After Sales Service Is Waiting For You

Our team will operate all the legal process without your attendance. But beyond that, we still stay connected with you after your purchase. Every property requires maintenance. Take advantage of our after-sales commitment, which includes servicing all issues related to your property such as rental possibilities, property inspections, maintenance.

Profitable Invest And Great Return On Your Property Resale

Thanks to AKD Invest’s professionality and deep experience on the real estate market, the property you will purchase will start to gain profit the day you already buy. Besides, whenever you want to resell your property, we can handle with that process as well. We know the local buyers, the dynamic of the real estate market and the best marketing strategies to guarantee you great returns.

Let Us Handle The Legal Process

Thanks to our experienced Law Department, the legal process of your purchase of a property and after that your Turkish citizenship process will not be a burden for you. We will handle the legal process whole through

Get Advice On Investment Opportunities

AKD Invest has got the most brilliant experts of the real estate market and investment industry. Thus, you may benefit of current, new and future investment opportunities by the