Turkish Citizenship

Turkey is a country where you can live where modern life meets with the Muslim lifestyle. While the world has been increasingly globalized and travel has become such a popular desire for all people, having visa-free access is a very useful asset. Individuals want to transcend borders and access various business, career, cultural and lifestyle opportunities on a global scale. One country that is making headlines nowadays by offering lucrative investment opportunities in return for citizenship, is Turkey.

Turkish Citizenship by Investment

The regulations for getting Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property in Turkeyجامعة أطلس has been quite simplified on 19 September 2018. The minimum amount of immovable to be purchased for foreign investors to transfer to Turkish citizenship without waiting is reduced to 400.000 USD. With the current regulations, foreigners who buy as a minimum of 400.000 USD worth of real estate in Turkey can obtain Turkish Citizenship with their formally married spouses and children younger than 18. In this case, the purchased real estate should not be sold for 3 years.

How to Apply for Citizenship?

AKD Invest guarantees to be with you and guide you through the whole citizenship processجامعة أطلس. After your purchasing of a property valued at 400.000 USD is completed, we apply to the (Tapu Office) General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadaster (Tapu Office) to make sure that you get the qualifications for citizenship. In the next step, the officers check the appraisal report and bank transfer documents. Transition to citizenship application is approved in between 3 and 7 days generally. With this approval, on the same day, we apply to the Immigration Office Desk. After the Title Deed application, all process is followed in a Citizenship Information Office in Istanbul and Ankara. They finalize citizenship acquisition within between 1 month and to a maximum of 3 months.


What are the required documents for Turkish Citizenship?

• Application form
• Valid passport
• Four passport-size photos of each member of your family
• Birth Certificate
جامعة أطلس
• Residence permit or valid Touristic Visa on passport
• Certificate of good medical health
• If applicable, documents proving your relationships with your spouse and children (marriage license 
جامعة أطلس, birth certificates of children)
• If applicable, Turkish ID copy and address of the applicant's relatives in Turkey
• Application tax payment receipt
• Appraisal report
• Bank receipt showing payment of a minimum of 400.000 USD
• Title deed or Notarized property purchase commitment


Why to apply for Turkish citizenship by investment with AKD?

There are many advantages of applying for citizenship by investing with AKD Invest. It is the most reliable, inexpensive, and easy way. Because we are a professional company with local expertise. There are many offices under the name of the brokerage. Most of these offices charge much more than the brokerage's value. Also, many of them do not guide you correctly at every step. You should consider all the possibilities and work with a reliable company. AKD Invest is the leading real estate company in Turkey in terms of property sales to overseas investors with experience since 2012. In addition, having more than 120 local experts in our team, we are speaking more than 20 languages in our offices, including English, Turkish, Dutch, Swedish, Russian, German, French, Arabic, Persian, Chinese, Pashto, Urdu, Punjabi, etc. We know how important to be able to communicate in one’s language is, and we speak your language.

The other option is to give power of attorney to AKD Invest جامعة بهجة شهير to handle the process for you. We have our POA (Power of Attorney) template that contains only the required rights for a buying process. We have considerable experience and a reputation for Zero Failure since 2012 in the market.


Benefits of Turkish Citizenship

First of all, Turkish passports and citizenship are processed and delivered in a relatively concise time between 30-90 working days. With the Turkish passport, you will be visa-free almost for 100 countries and have easier entrance rights to all Schengen Zone Countries. Continuous residence in Turkey for a certain period is not required to become eligible for citizenship. You can continue to live abroad and apply for citizenship as soon as you get the residence permit. Turkish passport is one of the top passports in the world.

Turkish citizenship provides full medical rights, free education and university reimbursement plans. Moreover, you will benefit from Pension Programs as a Turkish citizen and have rights to all kinds of elections. Your wife/husband and children under 18 years old can get citizenship together with you at the same time. When you apply for citizenship, you do not have to declare your assets or income that you currently have in other countries. Allows dual citizenship indeed who have a Turkish passport, can also have dual citizenship. Turkish passport has a 10-year validity, and it is renewable for a lifetime.


Advantages of the Turkish Passport

Actually, the Turkish passport ranked 53rd in the worldwide Henley & Partners Passport Index and ranked 39th in the Visa Travel Index. This rank means also if you have a Turkish Passport, you can enter nearly 100 countries in the world without getting a visa. You can also get access to an entry visa issued upon your arrival in more than 40 countries. Besides holding A Turkish passport means entering 7 more countries by applying for an online visa.

Moreover, because of the EU negotiations and mutual agreements, Turkish passport holders can easily get Schengen visas for European countries. In the future Turkish citizens are expected to enter EU countries without needing a visa. Currently, many countries allow Turkish passport holders to enter their country without getting a visa. It will be hard to name all of them here but so as to give examples to those countries we can provide some of the countries among them such as Argentina, Belarus, Chile, Bosnia, Brazil, Serbia, the Republic of South Africa, Qatar, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tunisia, El Salvador, Jordan, Georgia, Paraguay, Azerbaijan, Japan, Morocco, Colombia, South Korea, Uruguay, Malaysia, Ecuador, Indonesia, Ukraine, Thailand and Northern Cyprus. You can also enter more than 40 countries with a visa issued on your arrival. You can apply online visa for some countries like Australia as well.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can I become a Turkish citizen if I buy property in Turkey?
A: Yes. Foreigners who buy properties worth 400.000 USD in Turkey can get Turkish citizenship. 


Q: How should I calculate the dollar and Turkish lira exchange rates?
A: General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre calculates the lira/dollar rate on an application date based on the rate of the Turkish Central Bank.


Q: Do I have to buy one property worth 400.000 USD or can it be multiple properties to cover the price for Turkish citizenship by real estate investment?
A: There is no restriction on this issue. You can buy more than one property to cover a total of 400.000 USD. Besides the properties can even be in different cities.


Q: What is the most critical issue throughout the process?
A: Turkish official authorities want to make sure that the minimum value is 400.000 USD. Sworn property valuation companies validate that the price is correct to prevent price fraud. Appraisers might have up to 20% diversion (difference) from their sales price. Thus, AKD Invest advises you to buy property by calculating this evaluation.


Q: Is there any necessity for an interview or test at any phase?
A: No.


Q: Will my citizenship be granted when I fulfil the requirements?
A: Primarily, it should be verified that the applicant did not pose a threat to national security.


Q: Will my current citizenship be cancelled when I become a Turkish citizen by real estate investment?
A: No, it will not., Turkish laws allow dual or multiple citizenships. It totally depends on your home country’s laws.


Q: Do you help in the process of applying for and getting Turkish citizenship?
A: AKD Invest will be with you and guide you through the whole process.


Q: Can I get Turkish Citizenship if I buy commercial properties with rental income?
A: Yes, any kind of real estate is counted.


Q: Do I need to come to Turkey to get citizenship?
A: No. AKD Invest follows the whole process for you from the beginning until the end. 


Q: Can I buy an under-construction property to apply for Turkish citizenship through investment program?
A: Yes, the government accepts Notarized Property Purchase Commitments. If the payment is above 400.000 USD, you may apply with Notarized Property Purchase Commitment for citizenship.


Q: How do I obtain citizenship in Turkey as a stateless person?
A: When you purchase at least 400.000 USD property,
جامعة اسطنبول ايدن you can apply for Turkish citizenship with a required document certifying the applicant’s statelessness. (Travel document issued by the United Nations.)


Q: Does my family have to come to Turkey at any stage of the process when getting Turkish citizenship?
A: No. Only the applicant may visit Turkey and apply on behalf of his/her family with the required documents.


Q: What is the Dual Citizenship & Turkuaz Card System
A: Dual citizenship is the status of a person who is a citizen of two different nationalities at the same time. Turkey allows dual citizenship. Even if you live in a country which does not allow dual citizenship or secondary citizenship, Turkey has a Turkuaz speed test Card programmed. Turkuaz card gives you full citizenship rights except voting in Turkey.


Q: If I become a Turkish citizen, do I have to do military service?
A: If you can prove that you served in the military in your home country before or if you are above 22 years old on the day you gained Turkish citizenship, you do not have to do military service in Turkey
speed test.

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